04 Nov

As regular readers will know, I bought two new (and rather expensive) wigs recently, which I have posted about on this blog and which have also appeared in my latest Flickr pics. And I’ve also bought the IPL machine that I mentioned in my previous post.

Recently I bought new bewbies. My current ones are from the BreastformStore [NOTE: NSFW link] and are from their (now discontinued) Platinum Seal range in a size 7, for which I wear a 38C bra. My new ones are also from BreastformStore and are from their Transform Premier Classic range [NOTE: NSFW link] which seem very similar to the old Platinum Seal. These are size 10, so significantly larger. I haven’t worn them in anger yet, and there are no pics yet, and I haven’t measured myself in them yet, but I’m guessing they will be at least a 38DD if not a 38E. We’ll see. Naturally, pics will follow. 🙂

Anyway, today I got an email from my accountant telling me that I will be due a Tax Rebate of £1,500 this year, based on payments I have already made versus the actual tax I am due to pay. Now, I know that technically this is just getting money back that you have already paid, but then again so is a Christmas Club fund, or any savings scheme, if you think about it. The money is spent and gone, as far as the “here and now” is concerned. So unexpectedly getting it back is rather a bonus and can be thought of as a windfall of sorts.

As it happens, the cost of the wigs, the bewbies (and ancilliaries), and the IPL machine is very roughly £1000. So my Tax Rebate instantly pays for all these with some left over. Yay! \o/


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