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In the News

I don’t know if it’s just because I am more aware of it, but there does seem to be a lot more media coverage about transgender issues and Gender Identity in the mainstream media at the moment.

Tonight at 9pm on BBC Radio1, Stephanie Hirst is a guest on Aled’s Surgery and will be discussing Gender Identity issues.

Meanwhile, there are several articles published today on Conversion Therapy – the idea that you can “cure” people of homosexuality or transgenderism.
BBC Newsbeat reports that “NHS staff [have been] told to stop helping patients get gay conversion therapy” (for non-UK readers, the NHS is the National Health Service), whilst the Huffington Post has an article today entitled “It’s Time to Ban ‘Reparative Therapy’

Last week the Daily Telegraph published an article about Voice Therapy entitled “Transgender women often want to sound like Fiona Bruce“, which is about the work of Christella Antoni. Christella is the Voice Coach that I have been using – in fact I’m seeing her this Saturday.


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Llamas in wellies

On Saturday I went up to London again for another Voice Coaching session, only this time it was a group session rather than one-to-one.

I was due to meet a friend for lunch beforehand. I had a rotten journey up and was pretty late, and then we found everywhere very busy for food. We got seated at a restaurant but after 10 mins of not even having our drink order taken, and with me already fast running out of time, we decided to bail and go to a nice coffee shop that she knew, and even they had slow service. To cut a boring story shorter, pretty much everything conspired to make me late – the service, walking to the wrong tube station as we hadn’t realised there was another one on the same line that was nearer, tube train delays, and everything. But it worked out ok in the end as I arrived merely 10 mins late and they hadn’t started yet.

The 2 hour session went very well and I was very encouraged by my progress. We had a few giggles, not least a game of “My gran went to the market and she bought…” that got up to 12 items. My contributions were “a banana” and “two pairs of wellies for her pet Llama” which raised a bit of a laugh.
There were 6 of us (plus the coach), so for part of the time we broke into pairs for conversation training. One pair managed to get into an argument about cables, of all things, and thereafter every time someone made reference to that it set them off again. So we didn’t do that. Much.

I think I’ll definitely go back and do the next group session next month. Not only did I find it useful, and also encouraging, but the social aspect of it was nice too.

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Return of the MAC

Last Saturday I popped up to London again for another session of Voice Coaching, and also to meet a friend for lunch.

I got up there in good time, met my friend, we had a light lunch, and then we went to the Westfield shopping centre at Shepherd’s Bush. It’s huge!!!

After what seemed like no time at all she had to dash off for a singing lesson, and I had a little time until my appointment, so I navigated myself to the MAC store because I needed a foundation creme compact. I’m not joking when I said ‘navigated’ as Westfield is so big I needed to use a touch-screen information kiosk which then gave me directions!

After a little more wandering around I suddenly realised that I had only 25 mins to get to my appointment (not a hope!) so set off as fast as my wedges would allow me (more on them later) and found the tube station, then began my journey to my appointment. At the other end was a bit of a walk and my feet were getting more and more sore. Also my wedges were trying to kill me as I went over on my ankle at least twice. I’m usually really stable in heels but wedges can be a bit tricky on uneven ground, especially on paving slabs that don’t line up. Eventually I got to my appointment 15 mins late, hot, flustered, stressed and out of breath. Fortunately she was running late and I was able to have 10-15 mins to calm down, cool down, and relax. Then we started the lesson and it went really well. At the end of the lesson I made another appointment, this time for a double session. I figured that if I am going all that way to London I may as well make the visit worthwhile.

After that I wanted to call in on another place, which ended up having a lot more walking than I expected (one of the tube changes was one of those stations where the two lines are separated by a really long walk) and there was more of a walk at the other end too. By the time I got there I was in agony and didn’t stay long. Then it was back to the tube station, onto a train where there were no available seats (I needed to sit down so badly!), a change, another train that was standing only, then even more walking to get myself back to where I had left the car (I went over on my ankle again too). I had blisters by the time I got home.

Anyway, it was a good day despite my wedges trying to kill me and my feet are starting to recover now.

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